A downloadable game for Windows

As the title suggests, this is a simulator for digital circuits

You can put button and numbers for inputs, leds and displays for output, and a variety of chips in between for processing. Connect everything up and you have a circuit! What does it do? You decide!

And the best part, once you finish your design, you can save it and use it as a custom chip on other designs. So the complexity is potentially infinite!!

So, if you're a casual electronics geek like yours truly, I bet you can have a lot of fun.


  • Left mouse click to interact with components, you can toggle buttons, set numbers, open menus and create connections
  • Middle mouse drag to move the workspace
  • Left mouse click on the workspace to open the insert menu, on components opens the context menu
  • Press X with the cursor over a connection to delete it
  • Arrow keys also move the workspace (this is useful when create long connections, since you can't use the mouse to move the workspace when creating connections)

Disclaimer: This is not really a game (yet), as in, there's not an objective or any intrisic motivation to keep playing it.

Nevertheless, I already poured dozens of hours playing it, even in the prototype stage that it stands.

StatusOn hold
Made withUnity
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Micro.zip 23 MB
Micro.7z 16 MB